While our professionals have expertise in diverse areas, they share the a common goal; designing facilities that will meet our clients’ needs and contribute to their success.

We challenge and inspire while making sure we provide functionality, to deliver impressive buildings on time and to budget. Our wide-ranging knowledge and expertise, coupled with a profound commitment to our client’s needs, enables us to deliver buildings that are beautiful, durable, and cost-effective.

We can deliver integrated architecture and engineering, or focus any of our specialists on perfecting a single building detail. What defines a building’s performance will depend on its purpose. Listening to the things that make an asset valuable to our clients, and to their buildings users, gives direction to our designs.


The Structural Design Division provides complete design services from project inception to construction administration. Through constant coordination with architects, contractors, engineers and other design team members we provide accurate, detailed and value-orientated design documents for safe and lasting structures.

We provide economical structural systems, suitable for various project types with a philosophy to create a Structural Design that would complement the Architectural Design facilitating ease of construction.

Our staff are well experienced in designing a large variety of projects some being extremely challenging in their structural design and have extensive experience supervising different projects under strained quality and delivery time conditions


URC has a proven track record of successful urban design and planning within the Gulf region. URC understands that sound urban design lowers the costs of urban management, controls both capital expenditures and current costs for public and private transportation and utilities operators, as well as creating efficiencies for private business location and subsequent operations.

Our planning staff represent a full complement of professionals with experience in architecture, engineering, planning, and master planned communities. We work with our clients to move them beyond the limits of their past by focusing on helping them progress into a sustainable future.

Our work is highly regarded and based on the belief that good design is indivisible from good planning.


URC combines electrical and mechanical engineering knowledge in building systems and intelligent systems technology that ensures this necessary combination of safety, power, and illumination. Our technical ingenuity powers electrical engineering that is design-led and sustainable.

Our electrical specialists work seamlessly with mechanical and public health engineers to create complete building services solutions.

Our flexibility enables us to adapt throughout the design process and interpret specific problems, allowing us to drive hard at a solution. Our mechanical systems create environments that are comfortable for occupants, economic for owners and efficient with resources. We regularly go beyond standard mechanical engineering solutions to create a better balance for clients.


URC is extremely sensitive for its role in building an environment which instead of depleting the earth resources to the one that balances with nature. We start from within, and our staff are highly sensitive to every thought they put in the design process making sure not to lose sight to the consequences their decisions can make on the environment. We strive hard to provide our clients with best sustainable solution designing and delivering innovative, aesthetically inspiring and energy efficient solutions.

URC’s innovative approach to environmental consulting enables clients to achieve their sustainable business and corporate responsibility aspirations. A wealth of technical expertise at URC enables clients to incorporate sustainability into their strategies, projects and operations.


URC has extensive experience in the field of Industrial Design and have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements that follow a successful design with a focus on new technology and sustainability to product comparative designs.

In designing a new system or facility, the URC team works as an extension of the client’s organization. Starting with specific industry knowledge and client requirements, we introduce the expertise gained from our involvement with similar projects from the manufacturing industry worldwide. We have refined the technique of transferring technologies from industry to industry. Through our knowledge of a variety of clients and industries, we have developed a unique, state-of-the-art expertise encompassing many different processes, methods, and products.



Our project management experts offer a flexible and highly bespoke service based on a robust and well-proven formula for delivery. We combine many years’ experience with proven methods and tools and ensure our client’s particular environments and organisations are tackled appropriately and effectively. Confidence of outcomes is increased, risk reduced and quality guaranteed because we understand your business and work closely with you.

Working alongside our clients, we adopt a value-driven approach to defining and articulating business and project objectives before identifying the most effective means to deliver. We provide a full spectrum of project management services from the preparation of business cases and the development of organisational frameworks to straightforward procurement, design, construction delivery and operation.


URC have more than 15 years’ experience in land surveying works. We have gained experience and successfully provided surveying and incidental mapping services to Public Agencies, Consulting Civil Engineering firms and Contractors.

Our professional surveyors, produce quality surveys in a timely manner, ensuring the first crucial steps of a project. URC is recognized as a leader in professional land surveying and this is demonstrated through our commitment to our client’s projects and the “cutting edge” technology that we utilize daily.

Being involved from the outset of a property-related project, we can lend our expertise to the decision-making process. This allows us to help our clients arrive at solutions that allow them to take maximum benefit from our end-to-end service


At URC we design interior spaces that improve collaboration, inspire occupants and attract the best employees.

URC’s interior design teams study a client’s business drivers and culture and create space that helps them flourish.

Great interior space has extraordinary effects on our wellness and productivity. URC’s design solutions use space, colour, materials, energy and light as tools to create healthy environments that enhance performance.

URC develops innovative and elegant design concepts that integrate the historic traditions of the Region with the possibilities and materials offered by the most up to date, World-class technology.



The landscape team focuses on the big picture-helping clients to achieve the goals in environment control and landscaping in the most cost-effective way.

Our landscape designers work closely with other specialists to produce more rounded solutions. We become part of integrated design teams from the start. We develop and realize pragmatic ideas that are economic and achievable as well as being better for people and the environment. For clients and design teams, we play an important interpretative role: taking the advice of environmental specialists and translating it into deliverable plans.

We analyse the surrounding environment and give a sustainable solution taking into consideration all the elements which makes a perfect landscape for the setting of the vicinity.


In the 21st Century, an integrated approach to the planning and management of transport and infrastructure is key to enabling clients achieve sustainable development. From conception to operation, URC helps clients provide safe, efficient and cost-effective transport systems that deliver real social, economic and environmental benefits to the community.

URC offers a multidisciplinary approach to projects, drawing on specialists from other sectors to ensure the success of every project we run. And, with company services spanning the range of all civil engineering disciplines, URC provides its infrastructure and transport clients with every service they need for a successful project of any size.

URC ’s Infrastructure and transport services:

  • Transportation engineering
  • Road engineering and management
  • Bridge engineering
  • Tunnels
  • Harbors
  • Airports
  • Acoustics & noise
  • Water and wastewater engineering
  • District heating
  • Power transmission & distribution
  • Hydrological surveys

Related services:

  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental engineering
  • Project management/EPCM
  • Construction management
  • Geology
  • Soil mechanics
  • Concrete and building materials testing


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